How to record a Google video chat session?
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I want to "capture"/"record" a Google video chat between me and my folks - how do I do this? I'm on a Mac, OS 10.6.8.

I am 100% clueless, and am not even having any luck Googling this.

I want to record a Google video chat session between me and my folks.

Is this even possible? I tried to Google and just got overwhelmed, I am a serious newb in this arena.

I'd ideally like to have, I guess, video of what's happening on my screen so I can see both my little video window and theirs (oh, and the audio, of course). Free software is ideal, but I could pay a small amount for something that works pretty easily.

Thanks for any help.
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Best answer: Use Quicktime Player, already on your Mac. Under the File menu, select New Screen Recording. Make sure it's set to record the sound. You can record a portion of the screen or the whole screen.
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Best answer: Quicktime X will do screen recording. But apparently you have to pick between audio or video capture. But there seems to be a way to do both here.

I can't verify since my MacBook Pro's webcam has taken a dirt nap. And I'm on Lion.
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Alternative: Screenflow.
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On the Mac:
Screenflow ($99), or Screenium ($30)

Or the low-fi route:
If you have something like a FlipCam, you could tri-pod it up and move it close to the screen...
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If QuickTime won't work for you, iShowU is a less expensive alternative to Screeenflow.
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Response by poster: OMG you guys, I feel like such a dingus. It looks like Quicktime does exactly this, and I don't even have to futz with the sound, it's got an option built in for that while you record the screen.

How can I have used Macs for like 15 years and never have used Quicktime to record? D'oh.

You're the best, thanks to all who took the time to answer this goofball!
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