What are these red bumps in the back of my throat?
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Red bumps in the back of my throat. And yet I'm not sick. What is it?

I just happened to be glancing at myself in the mirror, and as I opened my mouth I noticed several red bumps in the back of my throat. I'm not sick at the moment so I'm wondering if this is normal.

Back in the summer I had some sort of throat illness. My voice was raspy and I could see in the back of my throat these white bumps that looked similar to the red bumps I have now. I wonder if this is related to that illness, which I still haven't identified. Was it mono?
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If it's on the very back wall of your throat, a doctor once told me that's how she could tell that someone has allergies. I have bumps on the back of my throat all the time, and they don't go away; I have several types of allergies.
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I get the same thing, mine are canker sores. I occasionally get them really badly on the back of my throat and have had 10+ at one time. They really suck. The worst was when my entire uvula had one big sore covering the whole thing. Once I get them there's really nothing to do except wait till they heal.
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