I watched Downton Abbey instead of the Super Bowl
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(Asking for a friend) What is the wooden measuring stick called that is used to adjust the table settings during the opening credits of Downton Abbey?

Do you know what exactly is being done during the opening credits of Downton Abbey around the 16-18 second mark of
this clip?

It seems likely that the place settings must conform to some standard. Do you know how to (or who would) decide the manner in which this is done?

My friend swears that Carson the butler actually used the wooden stick-thingy in a different way during one episode (probably Episode 7 of Season 2). Is this possible?
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A ruler?
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Some relevant measurements in here. Yes, it's a ruler. If you're interested, watch Altman's great Gosford Park, which has many scenes of the servants setting tables for formal dinners, including measuring the placement of the service.
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There is also a Butler Stick, but it's basically just a 2 foot ruler.
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If you look closely, Brockles' butler stick is actually a folding yardstick, which measures 18 inches out in both directions from a central point. I imagine that arrangement is more useful when setting a table.
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Downton Abbey and Gosford Park were written by the same man, Julian Fellowes. So my guess is that he wrote the "butler measuring the place settings with a folding rule" scenes for both the TV show and the movie.
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I also saw a documentary about Windsor Castle where they were setting up a State dinner and used a stick to measure too. I don't remember the name of the documentary but it was fairly recent, the same show followed Prince Phillip while he did some of his duties around the grounds.
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I remember the same doc as TooFewShoes. The butler is measuring the table setting for distance from the edge of the table, distance between flatware, etc. The head of household would determine what that standard would be, this set of rules for Buckingham Palace lays out the specifics of the table settings for the Queen.

Within certain high-ranking circles there seems to be a level of attention to detail that boggles the minds of most regular folks. Working in protocol, you had to be aware of these kinds of details and act to ensure that they were taken care of before high-ranking-personage showed up. I never honestly understood why that level of detail was necessary, or whether high-ranking-personage would notice or care, but there you have it. Now you know why I no longer work in protocol.
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