What the heck is this strange pain behind my bellybutton?
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Please help me figure out this strange new pain behind my bellybutton.

It feels like a dull and constant ache, sort of like something is lodged in me right inside or behind my bellybutton. But there's nothing there. No lumps. Sometimes the pain radiates straight down like menstrual cramps. Sometimes it makes me nauseous.

The pain started a little over a week ago. Possibly related factors: it started a few hours after having sex (I'm a woman), and I'd recently started taking 5-HTP again. At first I got paranoid and suspected pregnancy, but then I remembered that I actually had similar long-lasting cramps after having sex about a month ago...these lasted right up until I got even worse cramps, and then my period started.

Anyone experienced something similar? What could this be?
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I am not a doctor, hell I don't even visit the doctor but....This sounds a lot like my mother's initial symptoms of umbilical hernia. Do go see a doctor and find out what it is. If it is a hernia (chances of which increase with weight and age and lack of core strength) then the sooner you get it treated, the easier it will be to repair.
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If the question is abdominal pain that persists for a week, the answer is "Doctor".

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Okay, this is going to sound super weird, but if you were to sort of hook your finger and pull on your belly button (like pull up), does the pain get worse? For me this is the be-all-end-all proof that I have a bladder infection or UTI, but I am a weird being and my body does weird stuff sometimes.

You could have a hernia or possibly a bowel obstruction though. Get thee to a doctor and feel better.
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Doctor. It could also be diverticulitis.
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Really it could be any one of a number of things, some trivial and transient, others not - see Wikipedia's immense list of things that cause abdominal pain.

A number of those require attention, so basically what they all said about the doctor.
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Okay, so if it only lasted a few days I'd say, "bruised cervix." Especially if this is a new partner or a new position. But a week? Doctor.
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Not a doctor but sounds like umbilical hernia. My uncle had the same thing.

Regardless, you should see a doctor.
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Tried pulling up on my bellybutton, to no effect. I'll take a trip to the doctor's. Thanks for the help.
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Do you wear a large belt buckle? I had a dull ache in that area for a while off and on before i connected it to a belt buckle making the area a little tender.
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Do a lot of situps (or have concertina sex, I suppose) and this could be a expected side effect. I've had this pain in my bellybutton many times in the past, always after doing a stack of full range situps. See what the doc says, but my guess is that it's just a temporary pulled muscle or whatever's behind the button.
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