Help me find this song (Alex Dezen of The Damnwells)
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MusicHiveMind: Can you help me find a high quality version of this song for our wedding? (The Damnwells/Alex Dezen - Golden Days (acoustic version only)

My fiancee and I absolutely LOVE the acoustic version of the song "Golden Days" (sometimes also called "Chains of Golden Days") by The Damnwells frontman Alex Dezen (song is usually credited to Alex, but sometimes to the entire band).

We'd love to have it as our wedding song, but so far it has been impossible to find a high quality version of the ACOUSTIC version. The hifi version is widely distributed on their own album and on the soundtrack to the movie Chaos Theory, but the only acoustic versions floating around are from random performances, including the link below. Great karma points to anyone that can help!

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Have you tried reaching out to the band directly? They are small enough that I imagine they still read a lot of their own email. Or maybe find the message board where the hardcore Damnwell's enthusiasts hang out. Somebody there is probably taping the shows right off the soundboard and will have a library of high quality recordings that they'll likely be happy to share.
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It's not particularly high-quality (128kbps), but would the version from this mix work?
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I found four versions (including one labeled as acoustic) for download at

Bonus, thanks to this question I finally watched Chaos Theory.
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