Kids book about a little octopus?
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Old children's book about a little octopus... anyone?

I'm trying to find a favorite book from my childhood:
- a little octopus trying to get home
- very big illustrations, made from torn colored paper (?)... popular in the 70's

I know that is not much to go on but I'm getting nowhere with google...
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Best answer: I don't know that book exactly, but that sounds like Leo Lionni.
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I'm assuming it's not "An Octopus Followed Me Home"? It's from the 90's but has a very 70's Richard Scarry-eque feel to it.
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Could it be I Was All Thumbs by Bernard Waber? Not torn paper, but largish simple illustrations and the story sorta fits. It was published in 1975, which sorta fits your timeline.
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Best answer: Is it possible that you're thinking of Herman the Helper? He goes around helping his friends and family before ending up at home for dinner. It was published in the '80s though.
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Horace the Friendly Octopus?
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Response by poster: Wow... go MF! The book was definitely Herman the Helper, but, in my head, it was done by Leo Lionni... both of which were way behind the edge of my memory. Thank you! :-)
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