Need task manager recommendations
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I need recommendations for a task manager application that will help me to pay certain bills and perform other recurring events on time. It must integrate with my iPhone. A free service is desirable. More after the break...

The problem with just using something like Google Calendar (which I use) is that after the date passes, the reminder is gone. I need something to gently remind me until I have done the task. Recurring events are the big item here, but single events also need reminders. What do you use and like?
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Pageonce has probably helped my credit rating more than anything else I can think of in 20 years
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I switched to rememberthemilk because of this problem with Google Tasks.
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When I was using windows mobile, Pocket Informant was the single greatest thing I got for it, and if I had a smart phone, it would be the first thing that I would buy.

Pocket Informant for iOS

It basically replaces microsoft outlook, and is customizable beyond what any normal person would ever need.
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I absolutely recommend Astrid. It is cross platform and has really gentle but effective reminders. It's the first task app (of many) I have tried that I actually enjoy using.

It has a number of very useful features, like sharing lists, allowing repeats by time period (weekly) or by time since completion, and others.

It has a lot of features, but makes it easy to ignore ones you don't use.
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I use Due for everything I need to do regularly but don't necessarily want languishing in my usual task list. It's fantastic. Has egg timers too.
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