Shelf for propping up an open cookbook?
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Help me find a grooved wooden shelf to hold an open cookbook!

So I just had a flash of brilliance for my kitchen. I want to put a small shelf, somewhere around 18-24" wide by 5-6" deep on the wall behind my prep table, so I can then prop an open cookbook up against the wall and follow the recipe without taking up valuable prep table real estate. I = GENIUS!!!

So you'd think any shelf would do but ideally the shelf would be grooved along the outside edge to keep the cookbook from kicking out and falling on my enchiladas. Almost like a plate grooved shelf but with the groove on the outside edge instead of the inside edge.

Anyone know of such a thing? I can make it if I need to, but I'd rather buy it! It can be any kind of wood but I'd prefer it to be natural, not painted, and definitely not particle board.
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Best answer: How 'bout just install a regular shelf and buy a stand like this to put on it? That way you could multi-purpose the shelf when you're not cooking.
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Best answer: Something like this? Or, if you want to splurge, this? And I know you prefer wood, but here's a clear acrylic version.
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My husband built me one of those out of some scrap wood. Just wanted to make a recommendation to buy/make one that has an additional groove near the front to put a piece of plexiglass in to protect the book from splashes. On preview - like the acrylic sheets in the one matty linked to.
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