Do not like colors.
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Can I switch the colors on my Android phone to grayscale?

It is an HTC Evo. I want the display to be totally grayscale/black and white. On my PC I can achieve this by going into my display adapter settings and turning the color saturation to Zero.

I have found some apps that let me adjust colors, but not to the desired degree. I imagine this is possible somehow but am coming up short.
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You can do this with CM7 and some other ROMs using Render Effects. What ROM are you using?
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Response by poster: I am not Android savvy, everything is stock/default.
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Sorry, I should give you better instructions than that.
First, you need to root (gain administrative rights) to your phone:

How to root your EVO 4G
THEN you can install the custom Cyanogenmod firmware I mentioned above, which will allow you to use a grayscale render effect.
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I don't see grey in the CM7 nightly render effects. Am I missing one?

(Night, terminal, blue, amber, salmon, fuchsia, red, yes. Greyscale, no).
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Minimal Magic Theme (once CM7 is installed) white/black should get you close enough. It should have an icon pack to also install & may have to manually change out some icons.
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Crud, I could have sworn there was a monochrome render effect in CM7. Sorry.
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