Valentine's day surprise for military boyfriend, no deliveries involved?
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Please help me plan a valentine's day surprise for my military fiance :)

It's a V-day question! Oh no! My fiance is in the military and I want to do something special for him. Here's the fun part- he's in the Turkish military, and I can't send him anything. I can't visit him. He's probably visiting at the end of the month though. There is a 99% chance of him calling me on V-day, and we'll probably get to talk for about ten minutes.

So far the best I've come up with is that, when he calls me, I'll give him a detailed description of a romantic day that we'll spend together at the end of the month. The meal I'll cook for him, what I'll be wearing, how we'll hold each other, etc. The movie that we'll watch that I know he'll like.

He's extremely romantic and loves ooey-gooey stuff so nothing's too corny or sweet.

any ideas?
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read poetry to him?
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Will he have some privacy when he calls? If so, I'd go right into some "phone bone".

If not, tell him 14 detailed things you love about him.
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He's definitely coming home at the end of the month? Maybe a scavenger hunt/riddle thing would be fun? You could give him a set of clues/brainteasers related to whatever your romantic plans are for when he gets back, and for each one he solves, there's candy.

(Whatever you do, it can't be too complicated -- if you only have ten minutes, you want to spend time saying I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU and less on, Hey, got a pen and paper? You're gonna need to take notes.)
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Having been in a long distance relationship I can say that personally the phone never worked for me. I hated being on the phone, never felt very "connected" via phone, etc. I'd say have a nice normal conversation with him and then plan something you'll both enjoy for when you're actually together. Feb 14th is a relatively arbitrary holiday anyways, it'll be a better holiday-- whatever the date -- if you're actually sharing the day.
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