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Knew it, shouldn't have indulged in the whim of this "pinterest" nonsense. I click "unlink" for Facebook, save, nothing happens. I get redirected to the main page, facebook photo and friendlinks intact. I get so frustrated I choose "delete account"....again, nothing happens. Redirected back to my main page, self's facebook photo serenely mocking me.

Has anyone else had this happen? I am infuriated. I sent notices to the comment/help area, but that has all the satisfaction of spitting in the ocean. Any other way to vent my rage and affect the immediate deletion?
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I hear you. I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon early, and enjoy the concept, but am surprised it's been getting such good press when there's some parts of the pin entry and editing process that are just plain poorly done. You could try tweeting Pinterest or the founder, Ben Silbermann.
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Best answer: I sometimes have problems like that because of random extensions or cookie blocking - I'd recommend opening it in a Chrome incognito window or a different browser than you normal use. No guarantee, but at least that way if it is some browser-related issue, you'll get around it.
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Yes, it is likely something on your end rather than a conspiracy. Do what alaijmw suggests, also you could try using another computer or temporarily disable the IE/firefox/safari security.

Similar things have happened to me and it is usually noscripts fault. Then again, facebook might just be glitchy at the moment so you can try again tomorrow.
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It sounds like you're trying to do this from the Pinterest page. Have you tried going into your FB settings for apps and removing permission there?

Pinterest has a reputation for making it very hard to delete accounts.
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Go here on FB first, find the Pinterest entry, and delete it. (And while you're at it do the same for any other app you don't use / don't recognize!):


Then as said above try deleting the Pinterest account from another computer / browser.
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Response by poster: Many thanks! The answer was switching to Chrome. I'm familiar with feckless's app management link but pinterest didn't have an entry on there, though the accounts were still linked and I kept getting messages that people were connecting with me. Anyway, all's well that ends well: Delete!
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