Help me find grants for my education
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Nontraditional student Needs help finding college grants for finishing up my degree.

I am a veteran from years ago who used all my old GI Bill and want to finish my bachelors Degree. I need it to move up at my work. My work used to have tuition assistance but they stopped that program. I am working full time but have many bills so: This is where the bucks stop. I make to much to receive pell grants. Someone told me awhile back that there was a grant you could possibly get. (the stipulation) was that neither of your parents had gone to college. Neither of mine did. Anyway I could pursue the loan thing but would like to try for a grant or two if possible to stay out of further debt. Thanks for the help folks!
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More info would be helpful, I'll throw out some questions:

1. Where do you live?

2. When and where did you serve, and in what branch?

3. Do you belong to any other organizations, religious or nonreligious?

4.What's your ethnic background?

5. What do you want to go to school for?
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Response by poster: I live in Missouri.
I served in the US Air Force from 1976 to 1996. I was in a variety of assignment as an enlisted guy working in Suppy and inventory.
No organizations,I am white and to
Conclude I want to get a bachelors in general education from the university of Missouri.
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Response by poster: That was Supply:) sorry
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I'm a little busy now, but:

American Legion scholarships
Four places you might want to look first

The search term you're looking for, for being the first in your family to go, is "first generation college student". In the news here.
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