Music and file server with archlinux
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Music and file server with archlinux

Hej all,

So I have this box that runs archlinux. I would like to make a music and file server (movies and pdfs really) for the local intranet. Actually, open to the internet in general, with passwords.

How do I do this? The people using computers here are on Windows and Macs and Linuxes. The ideal case is one with least pain for all involved. Some people here are quite new to computers. So a simple click and download sortof idea really.

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Owncloud has you covered for music and files. Pretty easy to install, too.
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Easiest way I've found is to just put it up in an apache directory and get dynamic dns for it (or real dns if possible). Most music player software will let you put URLs in playlists, so it should all just work. VLC will take care of your movie streaming needs.
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