Men's fitted shirts similar to Macy's INC?
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Looking for fitted shirts similar to INC from Macy's, which is the only brand I've found shirts from that I've really liked. I work in a semi-casual workplace (no jeans/shorts, but untucked button-up shirts are fine), and I like shirts that I'll also wear on my days off. I'm pretty thin, so I need shirts that don't balloon out at the waist, and I tend to like relatively simple designs (plain colors/stripes, with a preference for monochrome). Preferably, the shirts would hold up well without ironing, since I only have a hand-steamer. What brands other than INC should I check out? (I'm in Southern California, so please stick to brands that would be available for trying on around here.)
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H&M and Target might be good places to look.
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Gap Slim Fit. I've got a bunch of 'em and I'm pretty happy with them. They will definitely benefit from pressing, though. (I take mine to a cleaners and have them wash and press them, which isn't terribly expensive.)
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CK or CK outlet. Great fit.
Here's store locator
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Express fitted shirts are really good for skinnier guys, and they have big sales every couple of months, when you can pick them up for a song.
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2nd Express. I'll go so far as to say DON'T buy them full price, or even buy-one-get-one-half-off, which is their normal deal. They're not worth that.

The fit will be even better if you fine traditional-cut nice shirts on sale from a dept store or Brooks Bros or Jos A Bank, etc, and have them tailored.
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Thomas Pink has some small sizes and is cut pretty narrowly.
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Seconding supercres. I think the non-iron slim fit/extra slim fit shirts from Brooks Brothers might be what you're looking for -- if you don't mind spending a little more for a longer-lasting, high quality shirt. My brother gets his tailored for a perfect fit.

I have the ladies version of the non-iron shirt and it amazes me how smooth it comes out of the wash. I hate ironing.
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Ny and Co has some cute 3 quarter sleeves right now.
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Are you male or female?
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Zegna has a nice line of slim fit dress shirts. They are more expensive than what you are currently spending, but they are very handsome. Similarly, Prada cuts their dress shirts very narrowly and they look amazing on a certain type of thin man, particularly as the collars are small and neat, and accentuate the slenderness of the cut.
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Banana Republic has a line of fitted low or no iron shirts that are my go-to for lazy respectible wear.
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Response by poster: Male. And I probably should have mentioned: I spend maybe $40-50 at *most* on a shirt, so however nice things like those Zegnas might be, they're out of the question. Express looks like it might be worth checking out.
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