What the world needs is another tumblr.
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So I want to make a bookdeal-bait tumblr.

I have a vague feeling this is a contentious issue. I am mainly looking for advice on how to go about this, what I need to take into consideration, but I am also, on a secondary level, open to hearing about whether I should or not.

There's a photo-submission-based tumblr I would like to start, and while the site itself would be the main point, it would likely make a great book and I want to "first, be smart from the very beginning".

The format would be "old photo", "new photo" or ideally both, together with an anecdote from the poster. The main thing I worry about is that, obviously, if someone uploads a pic of their 5th birthday party, 1) they didn't take the pic, and 2) there might be someone else in the pic who hasn't consented to publication. I kinda assume there is a solid solution to these sort of issues already though?

Again, given that I want to start the tumblr anyhow; if it took off could I make a few bucks, and am I a complete tool for wondering?
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Well, for one, it's been done (not as bookdeal bait, but still).
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Thunder Bay Press has a book series of Cities Then and Now, so the market is there if you can find an interesting enough niche.
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See also advice from Cake Wrecks.
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It also sounds a lot like Dear Photograph
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Another website that's gone down this path is Awkward Family Photos.
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Sorry, I hit "Post Answer" too soon, or was attacked by gremlins or something. The point of my post was to direct your attention to their Terms of Use Agreement.
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The problem here is that you are worrying about becoming a victim of success. If your site becomes popular enough to get a book deal you will have to jump through an entirely different and unexpected set of hoops. The publisher will worry about clearance of rights (most likely). unless you plan to publish yourself.
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The example given was only very general. I realize there are plenty of nostalgia blogs. Am looking more for advice on how to go about it (it being pre-emptively preparing to monetize content provided by others.)
Off to have a peep at the cake wrecks and AFP-ToS now.
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