Teen Edutainment?
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We are sending a nifty notebook computer to a 13 year-old girl in the Philippines, and wish to load it with interesting software to entertain and educate her. What programs do you recommend? You may also suggest bookmarks to awesome websites.
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Does the notebook run Windows? Or Linux?
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Or is it a Mac?
For brilliant weblinks to awesome learning stuff:

Also: Minecraft.
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I just downloaded the free book making software at Blurb.com. She could learn to make paper books and also ebooks.

Oops, does she read English?
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I suggest installing GIMP on it - it's fun to learn how to use photo editing programs, and it might be a marketable skill someday too.
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Project Gutenberg.
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Peppermint Linux. And tell her to man apt-get
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More info: It's an HP Mini 210-2100 running Windows 7 Starter, with MS Word Starter 2010.
Recommendations for security/virus protection would also be appreciated.
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Google Earth!
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She speaks English, Cebuano, and Tagalog
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GIF Movie Gear is also an easy to use program. (about $30) If she has GIMP she could make animations pretty easily. I don't know if GIMP lets you make animations. All I know is GIF Movie Gear is easy to use.
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Virus protection: avast! has a free antivirus tool that doesn't suck. Mefi's own deezil agrees.
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KAlgebra (Graph Calculator)
KBruch (Exercise Fractions)
Kig (Interactive Geometry)
KmPlot (Mathematical Function Plotter)
Microsoft Mathematics (64-bit)
Tux of Math Command


Kalzium (Periodic Table of Elements)
KStars (Desktop Planetarium)
Rocs (Rocs Graph Theory)


Wikipedia for Schools


Tux Paint
VLC media player
Windows Media Player


LibreOffice 3.3

Blinken (Memory Enhancement Game)
KGeography (Geography Trainer)
KTouch (Touch Typing Tutor)
KTurtle (Educational Programming Environment)
Tux Type
Adobe Flash (Updated turned Off)
Adobe Shockwave
Quicktime Lite
Adobe Reader (Updater turned Off)
Java (Updater turned Off)
Image Resizer

no internet required for above.

for virus protection, i'd use microsoft security essentials.
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these aren't educational but are totally of use...

nitro pdf
freemake video converter
freemake audio converter
google chrome with adblock extension

remember to turn windows update on
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Peppermint Linux. And tell her to man apt-get

I know linux people come in here and are all like "put linux on it" and most people think we're some sort of fanboys or whackjobs.

But, seriously.

Put an open-source operating system on it (Mint, Ubuntu, BSD, whatever), and she can get access to anything she wants for free with just a download. And when it turns out there's something she needs but can't find, the facilities are readily and freely available for her to build it.

You don't need to reformat Windows out of existence. But, Windows Starter is pretty bad. So, it would be a nice thing to partition the disk out into a dual-boot setup.
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Endlessly exciting: howstuffworks.com
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