What's next after Encounters at the End of the World?
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Encounters at the End of the World was the best thing I've seen in ages. What should I watch next?

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It depends on why you liked it. If it was for the scenery, films like "At the end of the Earth", Aghion's "Ice People", and the ever-popular "March of the Penguins" might be good picks.
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Nostalgia for the Light.
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Other non-fiction from Werner Herzog, Grizzly Man perhaps?
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agree with other Herzog documentaries, but recommend skipping Grizzly Man. Lessons of Darkness, Wheel of Time. Cave of Forgotten Dreams is marvellous. also Herzog's older catalog like La Soufriere, Woodcarver Steiner, How Much Would A Woodchuck Chuck, Dark Glow of the Mountains -- these are some of the best film experiences I've ever had (and I watch a lot) .

definitely don't miss Dark Glow of the Mountains though, his newest.
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I can't recommend Cave of Forgotten Dreams highly enough.
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Herzog's Wild Blue Yonder is more free-form but super enjoyable.
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It's too bad that the other Herzog thread is overshadowing this one. "Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control" and "Vernon, Florida" by Errol Morris follow eccentric people (who don't live in Antarctica). They both remind me very much of the human storylines in "Encounters at the End of the World."
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I highly recommend Grizzly Man as well. One of the most interesting, and horrifying, documentaries I have ever seen.
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