How to have speakers ring when a headset is plugged in.
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How do I set up Google Voice to ring my computer speakers when I have a headset attached?

I use Google Voice quite a bit, and enjoy using a headset over using my cell phone (when I'm at home.)

When the headset is plugged in, all sound obviously goes to the headset - which means that I can't hear if someone calls me via Google Voice unless I'm actually wearing the headset.

Is there a way to get Google Voice to ring my computer speakers until I accept the call?
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What platform are you on? If Mac: Soundflower.
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Sorry, PC.
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If your pc is like mine, you can't separate the internal speakers from the headphone jack. Both are the "internal audio device", and if the jack has something plugged in, the internal speakers don't make noise.

I solved this by getting a USB headset, which shows up to the PC as another audio device. I can then configure Google Voice to use the USB device for calls while using the internal audio for rings.
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I have a USB headset, but couldn't see where in Google Voice to configure the ringing (aside from forwarding and which phones to ring.)
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