Parking During Mardi Gras
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I need parking suggestions in New Orleans (Maurigny/French Quarter) during Mardi Gras this year.

I've rented a house in Maurigny on Royal for the week of Mardi Gras (first time in New Orleans) and they do not provide parking. I would think street parking will be hard to come by so I'm wondering if there are any lots or garages that aren't too far away. Do any locals/businesses rent out there available parking space during Mardi Gras?
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Find a place to park that is out of the French Quarter. Then, get a cab to that spot whenever you need to drive somewhere. Lots are going to be expensive (I've heard of full lots in excess of $100/day).
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Several of the big French Quarter and Warehouse District hotels have garages, which it's likely they rent to non-guests (worth checking out, at least). I'm sure you'll pay a premium for this, but it's there.

There are also a bunch of paid parking lots along Decatur between the Canal Place mall and Jax Brewery. These are outdoor lots with minimal security, and I don't know if you can park overnight. And, yeah, you'll probably pay more because it's Mardi Gras (if there's even space). But again, it's something.

Canal Place also has a parking garage, though I'm not sure if it's OK for overnight parking.

There are also several paid lots in the Warehouse District, with the same caveats I'd give for the Decatur Street lot above.
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Had a car during Mardi Gras, but stayed in the CBD (~1 mile west of FQ).

Parked for $20 for each day in a garage nearby ( hotel at a shuttle). Very packed place, felt safe.

Easy $10 cab back and forth.
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Maybe I'm way off (I live on the other side of town) but street parking in the Marigny should be fairly accessible apart from Mardi Gras Day itself. It's far enough away from the parade route that most day-trippers aren't going to consider it prime parking real estate.

Hotel garages aren't an option. They charge like $75/day, seriously I'm not exaggerating.

All the pay lots in the Quarter charge special event parking rates, not that you'd be able to get a spot anyway.

However, my question is where are you going to need to be driving? Can you get there another way? Getting around by car is generally a huge PITA during Mardi Gras. Can you arrange to rent bikes, if you really need to get somewhere far away? Can you use public transportation or walk? Consider just parking the car when you get here and not using it again until you leave. If you're just here for Mardi Gras and don't need to work or whatever, rely on your feets to get you where you want to go. It's what the locals do.
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We're driving to New Orleans from Cincinnati. We just need a place to park the car for the week since we'll just get around by foot power, public transportation, or cab when necessary.
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Oh ok, yeah you'll be able to find somewhere on the street. You might have to go around a few blocks (it's a residential neighborhood with little off-street parking) but you'll be able to find something. Don't worry.
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I'd park somewhere midcity, like Canal/Carrolton and take the streetcar downtown.
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When I go to New Orleans, I park at the Harrah's parking garage. I have to gamble 30 minutes in order to get a 24 hour parking pass, as part of my player's club card.

30 minutes on the penny slots isn't very expensive, especially when you hit it once a minute.

Having to go back to Canal could be incredibly inconvenient for you, though.
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We actually were able to park about 5 blocks away on the street behind a school in the Treme. We had a great time and didn't have to pay out the nose for parking. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions.
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