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What is a good Firefox plugin that will let me pause and change the playing point of online mp3s?

Right now my Firefox is running the VLC plugin. I have online foreign language homework where I have to listen to the language and answer questions. However when I miss a word or something, it's really annoying having to refresh and sit through the whole thing again just to answer one question (and if I have to listen to it multiple times to figure out what it's saying, it takes forever!). So is there a good plugin that will allow me to pause and to start at a certain points in online mp3s?
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Best answer: QuickTime will definitely do this.
posted by kindall at 10:35 PM on February 9, 2012

I can see two possible issues:

1) File is streamed and streaming doesn't allow "go back 5 seconds". Have you tried saving the mp3 to your computers local disk ("My Downloads"?) and playing from there?

2) I've only used VLC as a stand-alone, not a plug-in, but it was a pain to get it to 'go back 5 seconds'. First, the widget for configuring Keyboard short-cuts is really confusing. Second, it has trouble for some reason with assigning the right-arrow and left-arrow keys.

I'd try some other plug-in, like kindall says. If you want ugly details on how I configured VLC, ask me.
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Response by poster: Quicktime works great! As is turns out it was already installed and VLC was just blocking it.

benito.strauss: "I Have you tried saving the mp3 to your computers local disk ("My Downloads"?) and playing from there?"

Yeah I knew that was an option, but since it's a lot of clips that are all different links, I figured downloading would be a huge pain. So that's why I was looking for just a different plugin.
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