What are some fun things to do with a digicam I don't care about?
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What should I do with a digital camera that is willing to sacrifice its life for me?

I recently scored a slick deal ($21!) on a 14MP Kodak camera, the C1530. It's your average crappy P&S without image stabilization and with only a 3x optical zoom, but the sample images I saw looked pretty good for $21.

I'd like to try converting this camera to IR, but there aren't any tutorials on this particular model. But what else would you do with a nearly disposable digital camera? I like the idea of tying it to a park bench with instructions to "take picture don't steal" like some artists have done, but I'm pretty sure it would get taken right away. What else can you do with a camera that you're willing to lose/break?
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Try to figure out how to convert it to IR and post a tutorial?

Push the human race forward!
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Sounds perfect for kite aerial photography
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Strap it to your car or bike or skateboard or something?

Donate it to a high-school yearbook staff (or donate it to somebody else--that's just the first example that came to mind)?
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Know any kids?

They love playing with cameras, don't really care about zoom (or focus for that matter) and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the pictures that they take.
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Here's a fairly general guide to IR conversion. (You've already finished Step 1!)
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Use it for balloon photography. I recently bought the equipment to do that myself (I just need a tank of helium).
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You could consider putting in a place with Wi Fi and getting one of these.

or asking a local place to host the camera and have it checked out, for a collateral item, like an ID.

Or secure it to something.

Perhaps even disguise it so you do not know it is a camera and its just an inviting button to push.
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