Make my iMac and display equal height
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I need to make my 27" Apple Cinema Display the same height as my 27" iMac. Where can I get a stand to make this happen?

I am lucky enough at work to have a 27" iMac and a 27" Cinema Display. In a very uncharacteristic move by Apple, they are different heights on their own. I would like some sort of a stand for the Cinema Display to make them equal height and I haven't had much luck finding something. I would appreciate any suggestions.
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Looking at the Apple tech specs, the 27" iMac is 20.4" high, and the 27" display is 19.35" high. For that height difference, I'd get a Slimkey, or just use a book.
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Response by poster: In actuality it is about 1.5" difference. I am using a book now but I would like something that is a little more aesthetically pleasing.
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Laser cut the book to the shape of the base.
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I use a wooden cutting board to prop up my display. Looks nice, and helps relieve neck strain.
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It is the high end solution, but with a pair of VESA adapters you can mount both the display and the iMac to an articulating arm or arms, like these.
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I'd use a 1" thick piece of acrylic and deal with the .05" difference in height or put some silicone rubber feet on the acrylic so it doesn't slide and brings up the height. Look for plastic shops or award plaque manufacturers.
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If your work is paying for it (or you can spend around $250 on this), definitely go for the articulating arm(s). I've plugged them before on AskMe, but it's only because when I finally got one it was a huge and awesome improvement on my setup. Way better ergonomics (put your monitor(s) exactly where they need to be), better desk organisation (you can just push your monitor(s) out of the way and use your full desk for paperwork, etc!) and cool functionality (I love being able to use portrait mode for reading long articles).

Amazon has some pretty good deals on arms, I'd spend around $100 on each arm or you might end up with something that isn't so adjustable/flexible/etc.
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