Goal #1: Track some goals.
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I'm looking for a PC desktop widget that will track my progress towards various goals.

At best, I would love for it to be able to group subgoals together, to sync with my iPhone and to be free (at least) for a trial run. I tried Health Month with some success, but I think I would prefer something that is always open on my screen.
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Could you elaborate on what sort of goals you're looking to track? If your data isn't more complicated than tasks, a to do list app/widget might work. You might find a good desktop solution in Yahoo Widgets (http://widgets.yahoo.com/). Unfortunately, Google Desktop Gadgets bit the electronic dust...
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Primarily, I'd like to track progress on a large writing project, with some breakdown into chapters. I guess what I am imagining is more a graphical overview of progress than a list (maybe with multiple progress bars that feed into one big one?). I have no idea if this actually exists, but I am off to explore Yahoo Widgets and I will post if I find something that fits. Thanks for the suggestion!
posted by monkeys with typewriters at 1:45 PM on February 13, 2012

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