Is a BoConcept sectional worth the money?
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How do you feel about your 2+ year old BoConcept sofa, couch or sectional? Was it properly upholstered? Is the leather wearing well? Do the legs stay on? Are you happy with your purchase?

The Mister and I are shopping for a new couch to last us the next 20 years and there's a very strong contender at the (new) local BoConcept store. We are thinking of an Indivi 2 in grey-brown leather.

We like the computerized design modeler, and the showroom model was comfortable. There are a lot of cranky BoConcept purchasers venting on English-language websites about bad customer service in ways that seem localized & unhelpful 2-4 years later.

Another contender would be a local manufacturer, who would be faster, comes recommended and can likely be equally flexible, but doesn't have a fancy 3D autocad setup to help us visualize the end product effectively.
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I have a BoConcept sofa that I've had for over five years. It's not leather, it's upholstered, and I chose the better grade foam cushions instead of the down (mainly because I wanted the sleeker lines of the foam).
It has stood up wonderfully, IMO. I've used my hand steamer on it a few times, and between me and the various dogs that have spent a LOT of time on it, it should probably look much worse than it does.
The upholstery fabric seems to be of a very good quality, so maybe that level of quality will extend over into the quality of leather that they choose to use as well.
It's a very comfortable sofa to sleep on, too.
One of the best things about it, which I unfortunately discovered after a mover slightly damaged the upholstery trying to get it into a NYC elevator, is that the components come apart relatively easily for moving.
I had no issue with the customer service, and the sofa was ready and delivered when they said it would be (I believe it was six-eight weeks from time of order).
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I too have a Bo Concept Indivi sofa that is now 10 years old. It's not leather -- it's a deep brick red soft sort of tweed. It has the same arms as the ones in your pic, so they are great for resting drinks and plates on. Instead of being two couches joined at the corner it's one couch with the sort of fainting couch attachment at one end, so it's shaped like an L. The fainting couch thing can be moved to either end with an Allen wrench, which is handy. the upholstery is great. The legs stay on with no problems.

I have the down filling which is extremely comfortable but does mean that you will lose the "perfect" boxy edges of the cushions over time. I am consistently impressed that as long as I vacuum it once a week and spend a few minutes on the cushions, the couch still looks, to me, really, really good, almost new. Even with a messy three year old toddler who JUMPS and rolls around on it all the time, this couch has really held up. It is probably the best or one of the best furniture purchases I ever made.

Except that ... A few years after buying the couch, I met my husband, who has bad knees. Being very low to the ground, the couch is less optimal for him. Nevertheless, it still has so much life left in it that we can't really justify purchasing a new couch. Anyway, if you may have someone with knee issues coming into your life, keep this in mind.

I don't know about the leather, but I will caution that some really nice looking leather furniture we got somewhere else ripped on us. Also, be careful of your couch measurements if you won't be living in the same space for the next twenty years. I loved that we could switch the little fainting couch from one end to the other to better fit in our new house when we moved it from my old apartment. The model you show looks like two long pieces on both sides so you may not be able to monkey around with an Allen wrench to make it fit a different space that much, but as long as you'll have the space, no problem!

Anyway, I really do love this couch. It's a great napping couch. It's held up really well. It doesn't really stain, it's super comfortable. I'm writing this comment from it right now! Oh couch, my couch! Stay with me forever!

So, um, yeah. Love my Bo Concept couch! Good luck!
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I have a five year old microfiber Indivi 2 couch with the extra-wide armrests. It's held up nicely, and I'm pleased with the quality. The once rock-hard seat cushions are now slightly sagging, but still very comfortable. I might replace the foam in a couple years. I can't comment on the leather, but the microfiber is very stain resistant - I was able to blot up a half cup of coffee once. There's one wine stain I can't get out, but it had set before I noticed.

I think I had to wait ~6 months for it to be delivered, which they warned me about in advance.

Overall, I think the couch looks great and was a good value. I would definitely buy from BoConcept again.
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Thanks for thoughts. Feel reassured, but decided to go with something Canadian made instead.
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