I want to stream Pandora
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Just upgraded to my first smartphone last week. On Verizon and have been a Verizon customer for about ten years. Of course I find out that starting Friday, Verizon will be offering its double data promotion again. But that puts this offer squarely within my two week return/cancellation window. My question is: is there any chance that Verizon would let me take advantage of this offer now? Has anyone had experience finagling this sort of thing with them? What are some good negotiating tactics in case they are reluctant?
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Call the person who sold you the phone and explain. It behooves that person to keep you happy if they want to keep their commission. If they balked, I would inform them I'll just cancel and sign up again and to save themselves work they should just grant the promotion.
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Stress how long you've been with them. Verizon has been my only cell provider and I never fail to mention it. Worked well for me.
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Just an FYI, it's my understanding that this offer is only on phones with 4G capability.
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I would call Customer Service or go into the store and talk to the same person. I would push and threaten to leave, etc (you could mention T-Mobile's free smartphone promo this weekend). You might want to check out the Consumerist for other tips/tactics. Since you're in the 30-day return period you might be okay.

And yes it's only on 4G smartphones. But streaming Pandora is AWESOME (doing so right now).
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Thanks for the advice everyone! This is indeed a 4G phone - I bought an HTC rezound and am loving it so far. I had a decent rapport with the girl who sold me the phone so I'll try giving her a call and seeing how far I can get by asking nicely before I threaten to cancel. Will let you know how it goes!
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It worked! In fact, it was such a non-issue that I'm embarrassed for posting an AskMe about it. Full stream ahead! (well, kind of)
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