Healthy delivery food in Boston.
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I'm trying to figure out the healthiest carryout/delivery meals I can get for under $25. The catch is that I don't like salads very much, and prefer my vegetables to be chopped finely/covered in sauce/combined with other things. (See my username) I'm in Boston, but I'm also open to general suggestions of what sort of restaurants/items are more likely to be healthy options.

These are meals for when I am working late at my job and am able to bill the meal to the client, so there is no direct advantage to cheaper options, but because I am ordering only when really busy and working late I don't have time for something that would take a lot of prep or time. If there was something quick to prepare from a grocery store with a toaster over and a foreman grill I could do that.
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Do you not like Indian food? Because you have pretty much described lots of Indian food. Like chinese food, there are places that drench everything in oil which you'll have to avoid, but Indian food has shit-tons of vegetarian options that consist of vegetables chopped finely and highly spiced. Avoid the stuff with tons of coconut milk and yogurt and it's darn healthy.
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Best answer: What about Subway? That option is usually fairly healthy (assuming you don't load it down with mayo), and never takes much time, unless you happen to be there at peak traffic times, or get caught behind someone who acts like they've never been to Subway before. They have a decent selection of veggies + some tasty sauces (spicy mustard et al) to mask the taste.

I'm sure they do carryout / phone orders (at least most of the Subways I know of here in D/FW TX do), but I doubt that they do delivery.
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Find a Thai food place that uses lots of vegetables...?
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What about soup?
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When you say "healthy", what specific things are you looking for? Lower fat? No trans fat? Low glycemic index? Low carb? More vegetables, but not so they stand out a lot?

Chutney (which delivers via Foodler) has some great lower-fat Indian food options. And there's always sushi. Or a mezze/mazza plate from a Greek or Middle Eastern restaurant has yummy veggies (Saray delivers via Foodler).
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Whole Foods in most local locations have a lot of pre-made foods. It's not automatically healthy, obviously, but it beats Shaws.
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Part of this depends on what you consider healthy.

I'd probably go with bunless no-mayo grass-fed burgers at Four Burgers, or a salad at Stone Hearth Pizza (some of their dressings don't use vegetable oil and are pretty healthy).
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My Indian friends have all sworn by Guru the Caterer if that's your thing.
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This would be easier to answer if we knew where you worked. Are you downtown? Back Bay? Cambridge?
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Response by poster: I work in Back Bay. As to what sort of "healthy" food I am looking for, I'm not trying to loose weight, but I'd like to eat more vegetables, more protein, less food with tons of extra grease/salt/simple carbs.

I do love Indian food and Thai food, but it seems like most of what I can find as delivery is way more greasy that the sort of thing I would cook at home.
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Best answer: For healthy takeout meals, I usually think Japanese or Vietnamese. For sushi, there you aren't far from Snappy Sushi. I haven't been there for years, since it is was under a different name. There are better sushi places around, but that place was good for the price.

Xinh Xinh
in Chinatown is one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants, and it is a quick train ride or a 15-20 minute walk from where you work. Get a Pho or a Bun. It's cheap & tasty. Most of the calories come from the noodles in those dishes.
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Best answer: OK, then, my recommendations from Foodler: Desi Dhaba. Cafeteria. India Samraat. Grasshopper. Mumbai Chopstix. Steve's. Saray. Vlora. Khayyam. Ghazal. Falafel Corner.

And then when you get sick of those and want pizza, Stone Hearth.
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Response by poster: Thanks for throwing out some new ideas for me to try. :)
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