How to find human support at Google, for a blog issue?
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How to speak to a human being at Google, to resolve an issue with a Blogspot blog? I really do need a person & not a public forum; paid support would be fine.
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Might want to try pestering @Blogger on twitter. I have a contact address for my paid google apps account, but I've never had luck contacting them for one of their free services.
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I've never been able to get a response from Google, and I have a 10+ account paid business service.
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So this isn't official policy or anything, but no one is going to pick up a phone and talk to you about a problem with Blogspot. I suggest you spend your energy trying other avenues.
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It's kind of important to remember, here, that you are Google's product, not their customer. If you were paying them a great deal for advertising, you'd be able to get them on the phone in a heartbeat. On the other hand, given that you aren't paying them, Google's got kind of a track record of letting the end users figure it out on their own.

Good luck, though.
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You might want to post what issue you're having--we may be able to come up with some solutions/alternatives for you.
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Yeah, I forgot to mention: this post is vague enough (and anonymized, no less) as to be almost impossible to try to offer any sort of real help. Consider clarifying through a mod?
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Google support is worth what you pay for it.

And there's no way to pay for it.
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It's a deliberate choice by Google that there is no way to talk to a person about Blogspot blogs. They used to have email support but it's discontinued: some of the history here. There's still a support contact mechanism for legal issues, like DMCA takedowns or other legal content issues, but if you try to use that channel for some other issue it will not go well.
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