The Loungewear Shopping Challenge of the Lounge Era
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Guys, I've finally found the robe of my dreams. Well, sort of. Please help me locate a reasonable fascimile of this gorgeous, long, short-sleeved, fitted, white quilted cotton-looking robe, as seen on Mad Men (season 2, episode 8, I believe). Screenshots of The Robe of My Dreams on Betty Draper here and here.
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Here's something similar.
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You might have more luck adding searchterms like "house coat" or "dressing gown." Here's a more satin-y one on eBay: Vintage Lisanne Quilted Robe Dressing Gown House Coat.
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I don't think that it's quilted - try searching for chenille -it's kind of tufted, and they used to make bathrobes out of it.
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I'd keep an eye on Ebay, maybe even contact some of the vintage sellers with photographs - this one's not right but an example of a reputable seller who specialises in vintage. Good luck!
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That is a chenille housecoat and I'm willing to bet it was made up by costuming using a vintage pattern.
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I bet someone on Etsy could custom make that for you. This seller specializes in vintage reproductions.
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Agreeing that this is chenille. Here's a similar one on Etsy.

If you're willing to compromise on the color and length, The Vermont Country Store has a cute short chenille robe in pink. They also have some quilted and/or velor robes that might be a good match, including this one in diamond-textured flece.
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You probably don't sew, but this Butterick pattern looks to have very similar lines. You could definitely have someone sew one for you.
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