what to do in Las Vegas and when to book it
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What's the best way to book tours and activities for a long weekend in Las Vegas - online ahead of time, or when we get there? Also looking for other fun things to do.

My awesome boyfriend is taking me on a four day trip to Las Vegas at the end of march. While we are there, I want to treat him to a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. There are a lot of choices when it comes to packages, tour companies and prices - is it best to book online ahead of time, or are there deals available if you book in person when you get there the way there are for show tickets? Would it be more fun to go ziplining instead? Any recomendations you have for fun, odd things to to are appreciated, neither of us are gamblers. There are some excellent suggestions here and here, but feel free to add anything else you think might be cool. Bonus points for punk or industrial music venues!
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Best answer: There are piles of information everywhere you turn on Las Vegas. Do research now and buy when you get there. Sign up for Groupon Las Vegas - they always have helicopter and Grand Canyon Deals - don't bother with the bus tour to the West Rim with the platform - largely seen as a huge rip off. Rent a car and drive to Hoover Dam - go early - it's close and easy to see in less than half a day. Take a drive out to Red Rock Conservation area. Honestly, the options are so diverse that you really need to spend time on the internet based on what your interests are. There is a ton of stuff to do even if you don't gamble - charge stuff to your room to gain discounts - get a players card. Go on to Trip Advisor.
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Response by poster: thanks! totally signing up for las vegas groupon - that's a great idea.
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Take a look at this for tips on how to get information and good deals once you arrive.
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Response by poster: hey neat - I missed that question before - we will be arriving early in the morning, so the sandwich thing may come in handy to try to get an early check in. thanks again
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