What to do in Guatemala City for 8 hours?
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I have an 8 hour layover in Guatemala! What can I do, see and eat in that time?

Hi Mefi! This Saturday I'll have an 8 hours layover in Guatemala City; my plane lands at 7am and I catch a flight at 4pm. I've never been to Guatemala and I understand the Aurora International airport is about 4 miles south of the city center. I'm completely open to anything as long as I can catch my flight. What are your recommendations for places to go, things to eat, local specialties to check out? I'm especially interested in food (and have a strong stomach, no fear!) and outdoor/flea markets. Open and eager for any and all suggestions!
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Best answer: Guatemala City's pretty sketchy, honestly -- it's one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America, and it's generally very congested and not tourist-friendly. With that long of a layover, I would grab a bus or shuttle to Antigua, which is under an hour away and wonderful. Tons in the way of food, outdoor markets, etc. Just make sure you get back to the airport in plenty of time to catch your next flight!
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Best answer: (shuttles to & from Antigua/the GC airport are incredibly frequent, and usually around $10 or so.)
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