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I want to promote a podcast by auto-posting to social media using the RSS feed. However, the links that post go to my website and not to the individual podcasts. What can I do to make this work?

I have an RSS feed of a weekly podcast. I am a co-host of the podcast show, but I don't technically create the podcast or host the site where the podcasts are archived. I do run various social media sites for the show itself.

I would like to update the self-hosted WordPress blog/Facebook/Twitter with a link to the new podcasts from the RSS feed. I would like the links to open so that listeners can stream the podcasts from their web browser. I am failing to make this happen, which is causing rended garments and torn-out hair (ok, no, but I did snag my tights earlier today).

I've tried this a bunch of ways. I was using the direct RSS feed and Twitterfeed. Posts do happen, but the links go to the blog itself and not the individual podcasts. See a sample tweet here.
I thought there was a problem with the feed itself, so I routed it through Feedburner here. You can see there are links to each podcast, which streams through the website if clicked at Feedburner. However, a second Twitterfeed stream to Twitter results in the same issue: links to the main website, not individual podcasts. See a different sample tweet here. The same thing happens when posting to a Facebook page from Twitterfeed.
I've tried a bunch of WordPress plugins. Podcast plugins are all about hosting the podcast on the site itself, not linking and promoting a podcast that is hosted on another site. So far, attempts to post from an RSS feed end up with the same thing as above. However, I can see that WordPress has tried to parse the enclosure of the podcast, but it doesn't work. I don't know enough about this and the plugin itself was pretty unhelpful in helping me get it to work. Any help here or suggestion of a good plugin for this would be great.

The podcast works fine in Google Reader and iTunes. I'd love it if this functioned like the links in Google Reader, or if they popped up in a window or whatever. I just want them to work!

How can I get one of these social media sites to link to the streaming podcasts that are clearly available via the RSS feed? What am I missing here?
And if this won't work the way I want to do it, what do you suggest instead (besides manual posting, of course)?
I would be happy getting just one of these to function, so if you have ideas for WP but not Twitter or vice versa, please definitely share.

Any advice is welcome! Thank you all!
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You might find a solution in Yahoo! Pipes. You'll have to build it yourself but it's not that hard if you follow the examples given.
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I may have misunderstood what you want exactly, but Pipes will work to create a custom xml feed. You could also try if this then that to work with the feed. (YMMV, I've never used
posted by jeffmilner at 11:02 AM on February 8, 2012

what is the podcast about? you have to work from there to do promotion. audience development is a goal, monument, task exercise.
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based on your tweets and Facebook page, your outreach is too limited to develop mass appeal. what you need is not mass appeal to get going but critical appeal, which I know most hosts dislike but is required.
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This a technical question about RSS feeds, not a general question about promotion. We already have a nice audience because we are on a community radio station broadcast on FM in our region. My focus is to make the podcasts more obvious rather than to find mass appeal. But thank you.

I am working with Yahoo Pipes now. I tried it yesterday but it didn't help with the main problem (getting the posts to link to the individual podcasts and not the main website link), but I will keep at it.
I also set up a ifttt account earlier today, but ifttt apparently only works with brand new feed posts and won't touch the post that is just 24 hours old, so I may have to wait until our next show is added to see if it's working or not.
I promise to post a follow-up with whatever gets this working, if I get it working.

Keep the comments/advice coming!
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I finally had success just now! Whew.

Yahoo! Pipes provided the solution.
You can see the source of this pipe here if you like. Basically I fed my Feedburner RSS and remapped the enclosure URL to the link URL. Then I used the RSS feed from Pipes on Twitterfeed, which resulted in this successful tweet with the correct link to the podcast itself.

It works, it works, it works! Hooray, hooray, hooray!
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