Where can I find out about Bloomberg?
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Does anyone have links to less savoury stories on Bloomberg?

I'm involved in an overtly political theatre project taking place in a UK theatre. The theatre has 'a generous sponsorship arrangement' with Bloomberg. I'm researching what this implies - are there any Mefites who know of sources that might throw light on the relationship between, for instance, Bloomberg and Operation Cast Lead? I use the man and his company synonymously. Anything would be helpful here.
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Well bloomberg the news organization is guilty of putting out some propaganda from various arms of the financial services world, but compared to most of its competitors (CNBC, WSJ, Reuters, FT) its actually pretty reasonable. The rest of the business is really market data services for the finance world. I mean you could object to that on the grounds that finance is ineffably evil I guess if you really wanted to.

Bloomberg the mayor - made an end run around rule of law to escape term limits, sent the police in against OWS once he thought the politics were on his side, same with the '04 convention. Perhaps most interesting/most damaging is the amount of effort he has put into "reforming" NYC schools, where most of his reforms seem to focus on breaking the (very powerful) teachers union. And of course, as EC points out, the man will def throw his cash around to get what he wants.

I'd be sort of careful with any Israel stuff. It needs to be placed in the context of NYC politics. It is basically impossible for a non-Minority candidate to win city wide election w/o massive support from very very pro-Israel voting blocs in the Outerboroughs, as a result pandering on Israel is virtually a sport in NYC politics. Once you get past that and look at what Bloomy has done on issues like the WTC mosque or opportunities he's had to speak out on similar issues he is actually pretty balanced. Even when it comes to pandering to the pro-Israel crowd he is no where near as shameless as most.
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He uses the NYPD as his private security force, blocking off the street where he lives any time anyone wants to protest in front of his house.
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Mod note: Please note that the OP is looking for "sources," so links to factual info would be best here.
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More info is needed--Mayor Bloomberg? Bloomberg News? Who's sponsoring the production? I think using the man and the company together doesn't actually get you any strong information. There's plenty of gossip about the man, but if he's not writing the check, what difference does that stuff make?
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Response by poster: The show incorporates non-actors, invited to participate due to their involvement in direct action protest against capitalism. Bloomberg LP sponsors a majority of art institutions in the UK; in the case of this theatre, they provide funding for workshops in the local community. As a result of what the protesters would call free-market capitalism, the local community is currently at the forefront of gentrification, reduced public spending, increasing civil unrest, aggressive police-tactics, substandard education, and so forth. The state has increasingly withdrawn support for this particular community over the past 40 years. Bloomberg L.P could be seen as culturally investing in a community which they are also, as a private, corporate body, involved in disrupting. By entering a space funded by Bloomberg LP, and performing, what do the protesters become? These are questions with complex answers - what I'm looking for help with are online articles exploring the relationship between Bloomberg LP, Michael Bloomberg, who owns 85% of the partnership, and the political situations in which the two Bloombergs are central players. I hope this is more clear; I am aware it is a nebulous question.
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Well then you just have to accept that fact that all of the cash that Bloomberg LP is spending to support those cultural institutions is coming from "Free-market Capitalism" - full stop. I mean I don't need to source that - 99% of their revenue comes from Investment Banks and Investment firms, and a Bloomberg terminal is considered an essential tool for those businesses. In that it is the people who work in those businesses that are the largest sources of funding for the politicians responsible for the changes you are protesting against, then again, Bloomberg is culpable. They enable those people to make that money. Now is Bloomberg the organization outwardly politicized? Certainly less so than its competitors (mostly because the news part of their organization is not a driver of profits, so they don't focus on that) - but I would imagine if you were to read the bulk of the editorials on Bloomberg.com you would arrive at the view that they were stridently pro-markets/pro-capitalism - and from your world view I don't think I could argue against that.

It really isn't a nebulous question other than your focus on Bloomberg the person vs Bloomberg the corporation. Bloomberg hasn't been involved in running the Bloomberg LP in at least ten years. I believe he is not even on the board, but rather has his votes controlled by a trust he has no say over. I really think you can disregard what Bloomberg himself has done in that context.
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