My dream house, illustrated
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What is the name of illustrations of rooms? What is this Japanese art style?

I'm interested in seeing pictures of rooms/houses in illustrations, like the following:
picture of a room on the bottom panel
apartment layout

detailed drawing of a room

My two questions about pictures of rooms:
1) What is the name of these illustrations, especially ones like the second picture? I'm looking for detailed depictions of a room/house, in modern life, and maybe the perspective of looking into a room. "Roomscape" returns some pictures of what I'm looking for, but is there a more accurate term? It doesn't need to be from anime.

2) What is the name of the art style in the third picture? It's Japanese (I think), very detailed, almost isometric, clear lines and colors, and the subject is contemporary life. It's very similar to pixel art, but is there a name of the drawn version? It could also describe illustrations like the second link.

Thanks so much mefites!
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Cross sections

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The second and third links are Isometric views.
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Thank you! Does anyone know the name of the art style in the third link, besides it being isometric? This is another example of what I'm referring to.
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