Getting rid of 1980s trading cards
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I have trading cards from the early to mid 80s that I would like to get rid of.

I have miscellaneous trading cards from the early to mid 80s that I have schlepped around for far too long and have little sentimental value to me. No complete sets, but the series include: Empire Strikes Back, baseball, football, Return of the Jedi, and Garbage Pail Kids. (Also, some of the first Star Wars Galaxy series circa 1993.)

Would any of this stuff be worth more than pennies per pound? If so, what would be the easiest way to get money for it? (I really cannot be bothered to buy price guides and look this stuff up unless there is decent money to be had.)

If not, is there some sort of charitable way to donate them to someone who might find some enjoyment out of them?

(I saw similar posts but they dealt with 1990s-era cards.)
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e-bay, your local collectibles store, possibly (but doubtful) comic book store.

That said, I looked up some 2nd edition complete sets of garbage pail kids on ebay and was depressed with their value..
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This stuff is not worth much. Find a kid who will enjoy it for the nostalgia/neato factor, and give it to them. Do you hang out at a comic shop? Know somebody who does? Ask if they know anybody who'd be interested. It is not worth your time or hassle to try to ebay it. Alternatively, put it up on Craigslist in the "barter" section. As for something weird/wonderful and see what people offer.
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Freecycle - they won't last 90 seconds.
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