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Looking for a very specific book of yoga positions for children - it was simply written and the illustrations were black ink line drawings on white paper, usually of young people and adults doing introductory yoga positions. My mother used the book with my brother and myself regularly in the 1970s, but looking through the various kids' yoga books on Amazon now I'm not finding it. Anyone who grew up in the same era, or who raised kids in the same era, find this familiar?
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Be a Frog, a Bird, or a Tree was the one my hippie mom used with us in the 1970s. It looks like it has photographs, though, so maybe that's not it.
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@hydropsyche even given my wrong memory, you got it! YES, that's the book! THANK YOU!! We must have had a similar childhood. I grew up in Berkeley in the 1970s.
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Hurray! I remembered the "Be a ___ or a ___ or a tree" and what the cover looked like and just scrolled through the children's yoga books on Amazon. I actually was flipping through it the last time I was at my folks' house. It's not bad, really.

I actually grew up in rural North Carolina. My mom had to drive a long way to get the carob she told us tasted just like chocolate.
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Yes, but it never tasted like chocolate at all did it?

I liked the carob milk, but I was a little disappointed when my 5th birthday cake was whole wheat with carob and peanut butter "frosting" and my name was written on top in raisins.

She tried, though.
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