Help me get my knit on!
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I've asked you about crochet blogs. Now help me find the greatest knitting blogs or tumblers.

I've taught myself to knit in the last year and have fallen in love with it. I'm already on Ravelry but I'm looking for knitting blogs. The cream of the crop.

They should have drool worthy pictures, and have great writing. I'm looking for personality and fun reads. Humour would be great. Knitting tips included is always a bonus but not necessary. I want to read about what is on people's needles to inspire me to knit more.

Additional categories of knitting + dogs, or knitting + mental health, or knitting + meditations would be delightful as well!

Help me get my knit mojo super charged!
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The Yarn Harlot is kind of the grande damme of knitting blogs + good writing. I laugh myself pantsless at her, regularly.,
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Yarn Harlot has great writing, I've even bought like 4 of her books (but stopped now because they get a bit samey)

For beautiful pictures and projects, I love popping into Tiny Owl Knits (creator of the ubiquitous Beekeeper's Quilt and those hexi-puffs)

I haven't read her in a while but I fondly remember laughing out loud over Crazy Aunt Purl. Although I don't know if she has that much knitting anymore :P

She hasn't written in years since she became editor of Interweave Knits, but it's great to go through the archive of See Eunny Knit!

And Sweet Georgia almost makes me want to get into weaving.
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Something to listen to while you knit-- Cast On. Postcast and blog, with music, tips, chitchat, humour, etc.
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Kate Davies. Good designs, interesting textile history writing, some mental health stuff (she survived a stroke a couple years ago), fantastic pictures, and her dog is ADORBS.

smoking hot needles: knitting, spinning (warning, this sort of thing may get you obsessed with spinning! don't worry, you can post another askme about spinning blogs and we will deliver!), CUTEST DOGS, all splendidly photographed.

Designers who don't do a ton of blogging but do take pretty pictures and make awesome things, so I follow them to see their new designs: Ysolda Teague, Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed.

More knitting tips, less personality, but an absolutely incomparable reference: TECHknitting. Probably you don't want to read this regularly so much as keep it bookmarked for when you need to fix an annoying problem.

But probably my favorite thing for project inspiration is looking at my friend activity feed on Ravelry; I have Internet people whose work I admire friended as well as real-life friends, and my feed is set to show me projects they post, things they add to their queues, and things they mark as favorites.
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The Free Spirit Fibers Tumblr is interesting for knitting/crocheting inspiration.

The Purl Bee is wonderful.

I absolutely ADORE Quince and Co.

Happy Knitting!
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I love byelin.
Brooklyn Tweed is also awesome. He's a good photographer.
Little Sparrow Knits.
Flint Knits.
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Knitty Blog
Fig & Plum
cosmicpluto knits
100% Rain

Seconding Yarn Harlot, Ysolda, TechKnitting and Brooklyn Tweed.
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Marnie Talks is gorgeous, feminine designs and cute photos of her dogs.
Knit and Tonic has writing with alot of personality, and also very professional photos.
Crazy Aunt Purl is a combo of knitting + self-help-type personal stories.
Mochiland has adorable knitted toys, that are photographed creatively.

Also, you might liked the Craftzine Blog which covers lots of different crafts, including knitting and crochet.
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When I was far more into knitting blogs, I had the same desire. Here's what I did: I started with a few knitting blogs that fit my bill, and looked at their blog link lists. I entered everyone's lists into Excel, and sorted by name. I looked at the blogs that had gotten multiple mentions, copied their link lists, pasted them into Excel... lather, rinse, repeat. Pretty soon I had a whole bunch of knitting blogs I enjoyed.

And yes, n'thing Yarn Harlot. Also, for just pictures, it might be worth it to get on Pinterest and follow some knitters there.
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A couple on my list that I don't believe have been mentioned yet:
FallingStitches does a semi-regular "What's Hot on Ravelry" post that shows beautiful new patterns.
The Shetland Trader is lovely.
Needled has gorgeous photos and amazing knitting (The personal story of Kate Davies, the author of Needled, is both touching, scary and interesting.)
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Thanks everyone! These are all awesome. Still sorting through them and definitely indulging my knitting side. I'd say from what I've seen they all deserve best answer!
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