Database of pop chord changes?
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Source for machine-readable lists of chord progressions of popular songs?

I'm interested in doing some harmonic analysis of popular music - in particular using Markov chains and the like to generate chord sequences.

To do this I need a substantial corpus of chord progressions of popular songs - this kind of thing. I'm not in a position to input this stuff manually so I'm gonna need stuff that's predigested.

I'm sure someone else has already tried this -- anyone got any clues?
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I don't know how many are out there, but have you looked at PowerTab or Guitar Pro tabs? They're listed among "regular" (non-machine readable) tabs on many guitar tab sites.
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Don't know how readable they are, but there is a pile of stuff here, that you can sort by song title or artist
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Yeah, those are not really what I'm talking about.I have guitar pro and a ton of tab. I'm talking about something that's been predigested, ie someone's already taken the changes and put them into a form where they can be easily analysed.
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Start from the MusicXML format, and start from there? Some JS code around this.
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Did you ever get anywhere with this? I really want a searchable chord progression database. Why has nobody done this already?

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No, I never found a resource that I liked. I think the only way to do it would be to crowd-source it somehow or maybe scrape results from resources like
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