Tumblr and non-Flash based Audio
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I'm with a buddy working on his Tumblr page. We've noticed more and more visits from iOS devices and this shuts them out of his audio posts because Tumblr uses Flash. Is there any way around this with html5 plugins that support Tumblr and actually do? I am googled out with this. So much conflicting information. With so many visits from iPads (especially), it seems there has to be a way. Any help would be appreciated. As always, thanks in advance!
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I follow the cartefamilyproject on my iPad with no problems and no special setup. They're metafilter people, I think.
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I just tried going to carterfamilyproject.tumblr.com on the iPad - the audio didn't work. I scrolled down to the first audio post and it shows the infamous "Flash 9/10 is required to listen to this audio."

You can't listen to Flash anything on an iOS device, only those sites with a fallback to html5 for iOS (ala YouTube). Audio is a different animal for the iPad and iPhone and it just doesn't make sense why there's no default fallback to html5 - or - why it's so hard to find something that will allow Tumblr readers to hear audio streams on the iPad. The stats show iOS visitors to his site have increased almost 1000% in the past six months.
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Some tumblrs offer HTML5 video, no Flash needed, so it must be possible, somehow.
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Sorry about that, I've been using the Tumblr app exclusively.
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I've definitely accessed audio from an Ipad, I think I remember soundcloud having an experimental setting to embed html5.
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Thanks, capedape. Apparently there are a lot of troubles with the html5 portion, which is what allows audio on the iPad. It's very browser specific and with every browser update, apparently it breaks the widget Soundcloud is using.

Standards. Are. Good.

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