Can white chocolate liquer curdle?
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Just opened a new bottle of Godiva white chocolate liquer and it came out of the bottle in lumps. Anyone know if it can curdle? I've opened many a bottle but never had this happen before. Now I have a glass of it sitting in front of me with ice and its all separated and oily looking. Drat. Any ideas on what might be the problem?
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It's not curdled, but sounds like something similar-- chocolate seizure or some kind of separation. Try blending the hell out of it. If that doesn't turn it into something you want to drink, take it back to Godiva. And do it this week, when they're too busy to do anything but get you out the door.
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Response by poster: Thanks but why are they so busy? Valentine's Day?
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It's not curdled, it's congealed. Sounds like you should warm it up just a bit and swirl it around in the bottle. If you blend it, it will still be congealed but in tiny pieces mixed with air.
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Best answer: Thanks but why are they so busy? Valentine's Day?

Former Godiva manager here. Yep, Valentine's Day is a NIGHTMARE. Terrific for sales, but crazy busy.

There is a slight chance of curdling, since all the liqueurs do contain some milk products. Follow your nose.
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I saw Bailey's that had curdled once. It had been opened and recorked and left in the back of my parents' liquor cabinet for at least a decade, but it can happen.

I would definitely return this stuff, unless the label says something specific about shaking before pouring that might indicate that this is expected.
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