Help an eldest sister look cool!
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Classy dancing in Boston?

My littlest sister is turning 21!

Help three of us find a place to celebrate with the maximum amount of dancing!

She loves: fruity mixed drinks, gay clubs and drag shows, dancing to indie and pop music

I love: expensive virgin cocktails, tempranillo, dancing more to indie, 80s and techno

The sister-in-between loves: pretty much anything. Has taken to my old pseudo-healthy drink, the vodka & cranberry.

I live up north now, but when I was in Boston for two years, I hardly ever went... clubbing. When I do, I like classy, laid-back lounges - or kitschy, ridiculous bars (see Bubba's Sulky Lounge in Portland) My sisters tend to gravitate toward cheaper, showier clubs. Is there an in-between?


*The birthday girl is gay, and in a relationship, so I'm wondering whether jealousy issues may arise if her girlfriend knows we're going to a gay bar. Would appreciate suggestions either way.

*As we're driving down, would like someplace close to a parking garage or otherwise easily accessible. We will probably be eating at Quincy Market (sigh... differing tastes!) so any place in central Boston is good.

*We'd like to only visit 1 or 2 places - again, driving down, and in the winter!

*We'll be visiting on a Saturday in February.

Personal recommendations appreciated!
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Machine? Not classy, but fun.
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It's not a club (but it is) and it's ridiculously fun AND you get a show AND there are ladies' barely covered breasts, AND go-go boys in skimpy gay costumes, and just go to Oberon for the Donkey Show!!!
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I like Jacque's, though I am biased because some of the performers are friends of mine.

If your dates fit in the TraniWreck February show, they are awesome.
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If you'd consider a Friday, look up these two dance nights: La Boum and Videodrome Discotheque. They might be what you're looking for.
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Or The Pill! The Donkey Show! (Same place as Traniwreck, which I highly recommend). Often there is good dancing at Zuzu. Man, I need to go dancing.
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Please, please, whatever you do: don't go to Storyville. A younger colleague recommended it to me recently and Mr. Keasby and I had the most laughably atrocious time. I supposed I should have guessed as much. Not terribly creative nor fitting all your requirements, but I had an absolutely great time dancing all night with the girls at a night when there was a live performer (name escapes me, doing her album release) at Club Cafe, a gay bar in the South End. It's only one data point, but it was a memorable one!
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Go to Soullelujah - soul & funk, you'll love it, really fun, happy vibe with a wide variety of people just dancing their hearts out at Zuzu in Central Square. Try to get there before 11 because it can get really packed. It's not 80s or techno, but I think you'd still like it.

The other place I'd recommend is All Asia Cafe, also in Central Square - a little "too cool for school" for my taste at times but the music is usually good - check the schedule to see what's playing.
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