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Google Fu Fail Hulk. When was Hulk SECOND TV movie in theaters? And in what countries?

According to Wikipedia a LOT of TV movies in the 70s and 80s were shown in theaters internationally. But one has me particularly vexed-- a 2 hour movie of The Incredible Hulk. Originally called "Return of The Incredible Hulk" and renamed "Death in the Family" when split into 2 parts for syndication, Wikipedia says:

"Return of the Incredible Hulk (1977) (also shown overseas as a feature film) – It was retitled Death in the Family for syndication"

I have Googled my fingers off and can find nothing to substantiate this Wiki claim. Can anyone here help me out?
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Here is some data I've pulled from the pro version of
Release Dates
USA – 4 November 1977
France – 13 June 1979 (theatrical release)
Philippines – 26 June 1979 (Davao) (theatrical release)
Netherlands – 27 September 1979
Australia – 24 January 1980 (theatrical release)
West Germany – 19 June 1980 (theatrical release)
Finland – 25 July 1980 (Nurmijärvi) (theatrical release)
Finland – 4 December 1981 (Helsinki) (theatrical release)
Portugal – 8 December 1982
Germany – 20 June 2004 (restored version)
The other episodes of the show don't appear to list theatrical release dates.
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