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Is there a good app for recording lectures on my iphone 4s?

I just got an iphone 4s and it's been an awesome study tool. I especially like to record lectures and listen to them as I fill out study guides and make flashcards.

However, I find the Voice Memos app to be pretty annoying. My professor jumps around a lot, and I need to stop and start the playback often. It's annoying to drag my finger along the little bar to "rewind". I spend too much time fiddling with it to get back to the point in the lecture where I need to be.
Here's what I'm looking for:
-something with an easier to use control for fast forwarding and rewinding.
- it would be great if I could "tag" different parts of the lecture with markers so I could see at which point my professor is talking about certain topics.

Really, that's it. It doesn't need to be stellar quality. I don't need to email the lecture to myself or have it combined with some sort of note-taking app. I don't mind paying, but because most of the recorder apps seem to cost money I figure I would ask here for opinions.
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Something else that might be useful, would be something like the Dragon Dictation app, that transcribes as it records. Not sure it does the other stuff, but hopefully someone will weigh in one something that does.
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Thanks for the suggestion; I will not threadsit too much, but I would actually not like something that transcribes because the courses I am taking involve a lot of medical and pharmaceutical mumbo-jumbo and the transcrpitions will be waaay off.
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Are you sure you just shouldn't use a different app for playback? Why not just import the voice memos into iTunes or wherever, then you can use iTunes or whatever full-screen app you would like just play the mp3 back on your computer.

So, use the voice memo app to record, but just play back on your computer or laptop.
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Oh, and look into Soundhound -- you can record with that app, and you can tag points along the way. You just may need to make sure there is a way you can keep your recordings private so you aren't distributing his lecture content.
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Ack, sorry for the triple post: I meant SoundCLOUD, not SoundHound.
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Retro Recorder, I am told, does some sort of magical mathy software thing to make your recordings sound better than they should.
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