reasonable, calm poltical forums?
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Are there any political forums where reasonable conservatives discuss politics with reasonable liberals?
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It does skew more liberal than not, but I've found there to be a surprising level of depth in the discussions on SomethingAwful's Debate and Discussion board. Everyone is pretty reasonable and it's quite well moderated. I've been going there for all my primary-related news. (It's also nice that it has such a broad user base- for example, in a recent post about the political implications of the Italian cruise ship disaster, there were both Italians and cruise ship personnel posting in the thread.)
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I came in here to suggest the SomethingAwful D&D board. Best discussion forum on the internet.
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Obsidian Wings also skews a bit liberal, but they do have some intelligent conservatives who contribute to the discussions.
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The League of Ordinary Gentlemen might be a good place to check out.
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