Tattoo artist in NOVA or DC
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I'm looking for recommendations for a tattoo artist in Northern Virginia or DC.

From a previous question it looks like Fatty's is a popular shop...any others that you would recommend? Thanks!
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The Body Gallery in Sterling (and in Leesburg). I got one at the Sterling location. Will be going back as soon as I think of another :)
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If you're willing to drive down to Richmond, I recommend Amy Black at Trademark Tattoo. I live in NOVA and she's who did my bee.
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Here's a list compiled by the SA Forums. These guys really, really know their stuff.
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I got my latest one from Dave at Jinx Proof in Georgetown. Expensive, but infinitely worthwhile.
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Seconding JinxProof! Fatty's is great too, but JinxProof always gets my recommendation due to their cleanliness, vibe, and price.
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Do NOT go to British Ink -- one of my friends contracted an artist for a backpiece, paid in advance, got halfway through, and the artist is now refusing to complete it.

I recommend Bethesda Tattoo or Ambroto's. I've had work done at both, and my friend got a gorgeous set of calf tattoos from an artist at Ambroto's.
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I'll second Body Gallery - a whole slew of my work has been done up there, and the artists are all great folks (and occasionally my old roommates). Ask for Billy and tell him Bevan sent you, heh.
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Seconding Bethesda Tattoo Company...
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