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I've finished listening to Loveline. Now what?

As nearly as I can tell, I've listened to every Carolla-era Loveline episode available in mp3 format. Post-Carolla episodes don't do it for me, and neither do I really care for the Adam Carolla podcast. There's some magic in the interaction between Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew and the abundant supply of seriously screwed-up people constantly calling, and I can't approximate it anywhere else.

I have a stable of podcasts that I follow. To give you an idea of my tastes, these include: MATES, the KoL guys in all their pursuits, Overthinking It, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Radiolab, and some vanilla news podcasts. My regular podcast schedule is pretty full, as you can see. What I would like is something with a large backlog that isn't producing any new content, so I don't feel like I'm missing something by not staying current.

Please help, guys. My weekly schedule is such that I will be sad if I can't find a replacement for my beloved Loveline fix.
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There aren't a ton of episodes, but you might enjoy You Look Nice Today. No longer in active production, so you can hear 'em all and be done.
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Are you sure it has to be a defunct, non-producing channel? Because Savage Love might be right up your alley.

There are a ton o' backlogged podcasts and lots of colourful people calling in for love/sex advice. I don't find there's a huge need to listen to them in order, either...
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You can access the Carolla Lovelines at . But I'm not sure they are accepting new registrations, since the tracker will be defunct soon. I downloaded everything that I could, since I have been so addicted to the Carolla Lovelines since I first heard one, probably around 95. Just met Adam at a Boston show recently, as well. PM me if you are really stuck, I have everything that is publicly available, and I'd love to help out a fellow Loveliner.

The Adam Carolla Podcast has quite a few episodes with Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce, so you could always get a little nostalgia there. Not quite like the real thing. I also find it to be magical as well.

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Not sure where you're getting your loveline, but loveline tapes has what I'm pretty sure is the most extensive archive. I had previously gotten a bunch of mp3s from torrents and direct connects, but this sight is much more extensive and run very well. The chemistry on that show really was special, I don't care for either's work much at all in other projects they've done.
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Seconding the Savage Love podcast. Plenty of screwed up people, sexual advice, and the occasional special guest to banter with (this week it's Ira Glass!).
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I'm in exactly the same boat, and disagree with the Savage Love love (not least because, if one actually reads the question, it doesn't fit the bill AT ALL).

It's tough to go from listening to Dr. Drew give an informed (though somewhat opinionated and occasionally prudish) view of sexuality and human interaction, to listening to Dan Savage pontificate about how everyone should just accept his baseless view of how all relationships should work.

My solution has been to re-listen to all of Loveline.
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Ugh I can relate. I came here to suggest The Ricky Gervais Show--his old radio show on XFM, before they moved to podcasts and when he and Stephen Merchant were still getting used to Karl Pilkington. All the old episodes used to be up on Youtube under the user Telepop123, but unfortunately it seems like they were all taken down a couple of months ago.

I spent most of last year listening to those archives, which included a lot of good mockery of idiots (namely Karl) and rants about nothing. You'll still find their podcast on iTunes and there's a good summary of the old episodes here. Maybe they'll be up via another source eventually. Their podcasts are still an excellent listen.

By the way, have you looked into the occasional Loveline show with Adam as a guest? It's not quite the same, but the difference in Dr. Drew's attitude when Adam is back on is considerable; he laughs and engages so much more. I would be remiss not to point you to a call they took in 2009. I listened to it live while I was driving and by the end of it I almost had to pull over, I was laughing so hard. It's one of the best calls they've ever taken, and it is a treat to listen to. You have to listen to both parts. (And after you've listened to it, you can read some of the behind the scenes from the Hub here.)

I can't stand the way the show is presented now (who cares how many calls they let through? Let the man rant!). There is little radio that can compete with Adam and Dr. Drew at their height on Loveline. Especially when Dag was in the mix. If you haven't seen these, you will enjoy an animated re-enactment of when Dr. Drew's daughter starts dating.

Lastly: "Norethindrone! Put down that wiffle ball bat down, girl, come in the house!"
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I would be remiss not to point you to a call they took in 2009.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you how happy this makes me.
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Wow, that call was great, wrapping together so many of the great memes of loveline. Especially there at the end with Drew missing a movie reference, makes me a bit sad to hear it really. Thanks very much therewolf
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