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TaxFilter: Should i be charging sales tax when i do computer work for someone? Not selling any parts, just service such as removing viruses, installing software, reinstalling OS, etc... Im in the State of Texas. Thanks in advance.
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Start looking here.

There is a lot more information on the comptroller's site that might be helpful too.
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The Texas Comptroller's STAR system seems to imply yes. It's a repair to Tangible Personal Property. (IANY Tax Professional)
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Call them. They are EXTREMELY helpful. I had to call because a customer of ours was trying to tell me our labor wasn't taxable. The lady on the phone immediately knew which law the customer was citing and explained to me (very thoroughly and very understandably) why the customer was wrong. They will be able to answer your question in under 10 seconds.

Sales and Use Taxes 1-800-252-5555
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