Kale chip refrigeration?
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Do these homemade kale chips need to be refrigerated?

I have some kale chips in the oven now (just torn-up kale tossed with olive oil and sprinkled with some sea salt and a little garlic powder). The last time I made these, there weren't any leftovers. This time, there will be. I'm not putting them in a dehydrator or anything, and I'm concerned that any moisture left after baking (about 20 min) would cause spoilage. I'm not too keen on refrigerating, though, because it would ruin the texture. Would these be safe to keep in a container in the pantry? I'm thinking yes, but I wanted to ask just in case anyone knows better. I anticipate using them up within the next couple of days.
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Best answer: Nope. Keep'em dry though.
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They'll be fine- but yeah, kale chips don't stay crunchy long unless you get them really dry and keep them that way
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They really don't keep, but you could use them later in stock or something like that.
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I've tried refrigerating kale chips before. They get soggy and disgusting. Honestly, the odds that kale chips will spoil enough to hurt you in a few days are so nil as to not worry about.
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Best answer: I leave them out on the counter uncovered/unsealed and try to finish them as soon as we can. They're still fine the next day, they've never lasted to the next-next day.
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Response by poster: Awesome, sounds like a consensus. Thanks, everyone. The way these things taste, I don't think they'll last past tomorrow anyway.

Nom nom nom
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I keep mine on the counter, in lidded glass jars with dessicant packets (from vitamin bottles) in them.
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