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What are your favorite Lit'l Smokies recipes?

Obviously I've done the chili sauce + grape jelly one (excellent), and I've done them individually wrapped in bacon and baked with brown sugar (also excellent). What other recipes are there? What's good?

Yes it is for the Superbowl
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Best answer: My dad loves when we warm/soak them in bbq sauce and then wrap each one in a crescent roll and bake em (half a cresent roll sheet thing per weenie). Not classy, but I'll admit they are addictive.
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Best answer: Garm beat me to it - pigs in a blanket are delicious! I usually cut each roll sheet into thirds to make to go further.
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Best answer: we have the makings for pigs in a blanket in the fridge right this second for the superbowl. instead of buying the roll or crescent packs, we buy the seamless dough sheets.
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Response by poster: I did one tube of Pigs in Blankets, and the rest of the package in the chili/grape sauce. They were both magically delicious. I cut the dough in thirds, and even still they were generally a bit too big. The seamless dough sounds perfect, but I couldn't find any yesterday morning.

Stay tuned next year when I post the geometric "what's the most efficient way to cut crescent roll dough triangles into equal thirds" question.
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Response by poster: oh, and thanks!
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