Fastest upload online backup
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I am looking for a fastest upload online backup. Which is the fastest uploading speed?
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If you're using S3, mail your data to Amazon and they'll sneakernet it into your bucket of choice. Subsequent online syncs and diff-based backups should run much faster.
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Crashplan supports seeding (other services may as well). Other than that, your upload speed is not limited by the provider -- it is limited by your ISP's upload speed.
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Do you even have the bandwidth for the connection speed to matter?

It's not really that well tested because in 99.9% of cases the shitty upload bandwidth of consumer connections will be the limiting factor.
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Every single online backup service will accept data much faster than you can send it. If you need it to go faster, you'll have to get a faster internet connection.
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Youre the bottleneck not the service. Whats your upload speed? I suspect the data centers of the world can outdo your residential upload speed. The fastest US speed I've seen is FIOS's 25mbps upload, but 2 to 5 is more typical. That's not much. Even the cheapest data centers offer 100/100mbps speeds to their cheapest packages.
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