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Google+, the Android App. Can you associate multiple accounts with it without your OS suddenly thinking you're trying to synch them?

i made a seperate Google account just for my phone. we'll call it for our purposes. all phone-related purchases, etc, are linked to it rather than my primary Google account. no personal correspondence happens at this address.

i would like to be able to use the Google+ app on my phone to check my PRIMARY Google account (i.e., NOT, but when you add a second account in the config screen of the app itself it actually updates the OS with this info (as if i'd gone into "settings-accounts" and added it there) and suddenly i'm getting twice as many alerts and whatnot for "updates" that are available for apps it erroneously thinks are associated with both email accounts. this is stupid and dumb.

Is there a way to allow JUST THE GOOGLE+ APP to have access to my primary Google account, or have they tied things up so neatly that my only option is to get constant "update" reminders for an email address that has no apps associated with it?

Droid X, Android OS 2.3.3, non-rooted
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Best answer: Oddly enough the market is the only thing that doesn't seem to appear in the Accounts & Sync settings list for a google account. I think the best thing you could do is disable auto-update for the market and then you wouldn't get any warnings at all. But yeah, it seems to be a missing element compared to all the other things you can selectively sync or not.

But in general all accounts get added via the accounts and sync settings, even if they're not added directly there. Once upon a time even facebook worked that way although it no longer seems to do that in 4.0. Or at least my phone doesn't do it that way.
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Best answer: There definitely is a way to do this, because I also have mycomputer@gmail and myphone@gmail, and I managed to successfully set up the google+ app to talk to mycomputer@gmail. Unfortunately, I can't remember how I did it. Hopefully, knowing that it can be done will inspire you to figure out how to do it. My best guess is that I set up a secondary gmail account in the google mail app for the mycomputer@gmail address, disabled mail checking on the mycomputer@gmail address in google mail so that mails there wouldn't blow up my phone, and then installed the g+ app after that. I'm pretty sure that when I did that, the setup screen for g+ gave me an option to choose which account I wanted to link to.

That's a best guess. It's a been a long time since I did it, and I never actually had to remember the process.
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